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CapCut is intended to help you make baby videos online. All you need to do is select a baby video template from the online stock and add your recorded baby footage to the multi-track panel.

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Features of CapCut's free baby video maker

Advanced AI Color Grading and Color Correction

CapCut offers advanced AI color grading and color correction features that allow users to enhance and transform the look of their videos. With these tools, users can adjust and manipulate the colors, tones, and overall visual aesthetic of their footage. The AI-powered algorithms analyze the content and automatically suggest adjustments, making it easy for users to achieve professional-looking results. Whether it's correcting white balance, enhancing vibrancy, or creating a specific mood through color grading, the free baby video maker provides powerful tools for users to achieve their desired visual style.

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Add cute stickers, emojis and music to the babay footage

The online video creator for baby enables users to add stickers, emojis, and music to their baby footage, adding a playful and personalized touch. With a wide range of stickers and emojis available, users can choose from cute baby-themed designs to enhance their videos. Additionally, CapCut provides the ability to import or choose from a library of music, allowing users to add joyful and cheerful melodies that complement the visuals. This feature adds fun and emotion to the baby footage, creating a delightful viewing experience.

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Record voiceovers in real-time or try pro Auto-subtitle

It also offers the ability to record voiceovers in real-time, allowing users to add their own narrations or commentary directly to their videos. This feature is useful for adding personalized explanations or storytelling to the baby footage. Alternatively, CapCut also provides an advanced Auto-subtitle feature that generates subtitles automatically based on the audio in the video. This enables viewers to understand the content even without sound, making it more accessible and inclusive.

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Benefits of making baby videos

Capture the spirit of the holidays

Milestone celebrations

Baby videos can be created to celebrate important milestones such as the first steps, first words, birthdays, and other significant moments in your baby's life. They provide a beautiful way to commemorate and document these milestones.

Personalize holiday greetings

Developmental progress

By creating baby videos, you can track and document your baby's developmental progress. You can capture their first smiles, laughs, and other developmental milestones, providing a visual record of their growth and achievements.

Share memorable moments

Personal reflection

Baby videos offer parents the opportunity to reflect on their parenting journey and witness the amazing transformation and growth of their child. They serve as a reminder of the joy, love, and challenges that come with parenthood.

Learn how to make a baby video in 3 steps


Step 1: Import footage or choose a baby video template

Choose the desired aspect ratio for your video, and then import the baby footage by selecting the files from your device's gallery.

Create a canvas

Step 2: Edit and enhance

You can trim and rearrange the clips, apply filters or effects to enhance the visuals, adjust brightness and color levels, and even add text or captions. You can also include transitions between different clips to create a seamless flow.

Import your videos or photos

Step 3: Add funny elements

CapCut provides various stickers, animations, and overlays that can make your baby video even more adorable. Explore the app's library of assets and choose the ones that suit your video's theme.

Customize your video

Frequently Asked Questions

What video maker to use for new born?

There are several video makers suitable for creating videos of newborns. Some popular options include CapCut. These video editing software offer various features, effects, and templates to help you create beautiful and memorable videos of your newborn.

Which is the best baby video maker app with song?

One of the best baby video maker apps with song options is CapCut. CapCut offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of editing tools, and a vast library of songs and sound effects to choose from. It allows you to easily create adorable baby videos with customized music tracks to enhance the overall experience.

What are the best baby videos on YouTube?

There are numerous heartwarming and entertaining baby videos on YouTube. Some popular ones include "Charlie Bit My Finger," "Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper," "Talking Twin Babies," "Baby Panda Sneezing," and "Dancing Baby Groot." These videos have garnered millions of views and are loved for their adorable and funny moments.

What is the best video for babies?

When it comes to videos for babies, age-appropriate content is key. Some popular options include gentle and colorful animated nursery rhymes, soothing lullabies, nature and animal documentaries with calming visuals, and educational videos that introduce basic concepts like shapes, colors, and numbers. The best video for babies is one that is engaging, age-appropriate, and promotes learning and relaxation.

What's the most famous nursery rhyme?

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" is one of the most famous nursery rhymes worldwide. Written by Jane Taylor in 1806, its simple melody and poetic lyrics have made it a timeless classic. The song is widely recognized and sung by children and adults alike, and it has been translated into numerous languages.

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