How to Make First Person POV Ads

We’d like to introduce you to first person narrative advertisements! With this unique technique, you can create exciting and engaging ad content.

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You Are the Camera

Traditional advertisements often place the subject in front of the camera. For 1st person point of view ads, however, the cameraperson becomes the lens. The viewers see the world through someone else’s eyes. This technique has a few benefits:

First, it’s deeply engaging. It allows viewers to experience your product or service from an intimate perspective. This creates a bond between the viewer and whatever good or service you’re selling.

Second, this type of filmography frees up your hands. Since the camera is mounted on your forehead or chest, your hands are free to demonstrate. However, keep in mind that while it might be slightly more convenient to film ads from this perspective, it still requires careful planning.

Third and finally, this method is more simple than many traditional forms of advertisement. The cameraperson simply reveals what they wish to demonstrate, followed by an explanation of the product’s value and ability, or by a physical demonstration.

The Gear You’ll Need

To film first-person POV footage that feels authentic to the audience, specialized equipment is essential (you can’t duct tape your phone to your face and expect it to reliably stick).

Key equipment will include a chest mount, or a head strap. Both have their uses and suit certain types of POV content.

A chest mount works best when you’re out and about. Imagine you’re a restaurant owner giving a tour of the kitchen. You’ll be moving from cooking station to cooking station, and probably interviewing your staff. In this case, a mount that holds the camera steady would be useful because you’d be moving around.

On the other hand, a head strap is perfect for product demonstrations. If you’re standing at a table with your product in your hands, you need the freedom to move without the camera impeding your movement. This type of filmography allows you to show off products in great detail. However, be careful to not move your head too much. Jerky or erratic camera movements led to nauseating footage.

Limiting camera movement is critical for a smooth viewing experience. Make sure to choose the right mount for the right job.

When to Use an Online Video Editor

To excel at online video advertising, you need to edit your footage. Rarely will you get everything right in one take. More than likely, you’ll do multiple takes. Afterward, you’ll pick the best moments in each reel. Not only does this create a more engaging video, it gives you the opportunity to try exciting features—like filters and effects that can make the subject look adorable or stylish on camera! With the following options, you can craft first-person advertisements worthy of any digital billboard on Fifth Avenue.

Fun Transitions

As you splice together your footage, you might notice it feels choppy. This is because cutting between clips requires a smooth transition. Thankfully, an online editor should offer you plenty of fun transitions to choose from.

You’ll find transitions for every occasion, including smooth, professional-looking transitions. Or, if you’re in the mood to be goofy, you can find zany transitions too! Whatever the theme or vibe of your video, you can find the perfect transition with the right tools.

Creative Text

Make your first-person POV advertisement more engaging with text! CapCut curates hundreds of animated text templates, and we’ve got fonts for every occasion. Fun, professional, girly—no matter the vibe, there is plenty of font to choose from.

Use text to highlight important features. Since you’ll be using a first-person point of view to explain your product or business, use text to emphasize your point. Remember, this style of online advertising has a quick pace. Using text will help your viewers keep up.


Don’t Forget Stickers

“Fun” is written into the DNA of first-person advertisements. Make sure your ad is even more engaging by including stickers. Don’t believe the misconception that stickers aren’t professional. Stickers may increase audience retention rates. Audience retention can equate to engagement and sales. Your goal when advertising on social media is to entertain first, and advertise second. Lovely, eye-catching stickers are sure to delight your audience.

Add Captions With Ease

If you wish to add subtitles to your video, look no further. CapCut’s audio-to-text feature generates subtitles with 90% accuracy.

Similar to text and stickers, subtitles can also increase audience retention. However, be careful about the placement of text, stickers, and captions so they don’t overlap. If your captions and stickers compete for space, the effect can be disorienting to your audience.When creating first-person POV advertisements, clarity should be your goal. Due to the potential for shaky camera movements, all of the added elements in the video (text, stickers, music, etc.) must be very organized and clean.

Utilize Music and Sound Effects

Music will take your content to the next level. To complement your footage, you can explore sound effects or online music libraries.

When choosing a tune, make sure it fits the vibe of your video. Catchy pop songs tend to pair well with first-person advertisements. It should give your video a springy, upbeat atmosphere. Make sure to adjust the music’s volume. If you’re speaking, the music shouldn’t overpower your voice. However, if your advertisement is a demonstration video that lacks speaking, feel free to crank up the music.

Don’t forget—you can also add sound effects. Cartoon sounds may endlessly amuse your viewers. For example, if you’re about to make an important announcement, add a drumroll. Or, if you have a fabulous product feature to share, bring out the trumpets!

Edit and Export in 4k

A quality online video editor should be built to handle big files. When you’re recording, use your phone’s highest resolution. The best online editors can work with files up to 4K.

Look for an editor that allows you to import files directly from DropBox and Google. This is very handy when transferring files from your phone to the editing tool. Ideally, you should choose a video editor that exports directly to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. This will save loads of space on your hard drive, and will allow you to produce high quality content.

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