TikTok Advertising Guide

We’ll discuss the key components of classy ads, and how to make stunning content with CapCut Online Editor.

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Content That Thrives on TikTok

True to their fifteen-second video roots, TikTok loves short, snappy content. While you have the option to produce videos up to ten minutes long, shorter advertisements generally gain more traction.

Your goal is to craft videos that viewers will watch until the end. TikTok prioritizes factors such as how often people watch your entire video, or what sort of captions you use. Videos with high watch times are more likely to be shared and picked up by the algorithm.

If you wish to advertise organically, you need content that viewers enjoy. Simply posting product descriptions garners few views or interactions. However, following trends, like making scary TikToks, or trying the latest internet challenge, will catch your followers’ attention.

So here’s the gist of how to advertise on TikTok: be clever, be entertaining, and keep things subtle. Organic TikTok adverts must be covert—in other words, they shouldn’t be too obvious. Essentially, you should lead your audience into watching advertisements. Seek to create content so engaging that your audience is both entertained and informed about your product.

Humor Keeps Your Audience Engaged

Advertise your product in a witty, unexpected way. Keep your audience on their toes. Viewers don’t log into TikTok to watch commercials, they’re here to be entertained— so entertain them! This is where your skills as a video advertisement creator should come into play.

Be fun and be creative, don’t limit yourself to sound bites or corporate jargon. The world is your oyster! Remember you are an entertainer first, and an advertiser second. Make videos of funny scenarios where your product saves the day. Or connect with your audience by creating relatable TikToks.

For example, if you sell gym attire, you might make videos about situations you encounter at the gym, like: The Ten Types of People You’ll Meet While Working Out. Act out each of the roles yourself—it’ll be hilarious.

The easiest way to infuse your content with humor is to use our library of sound effects. A well-placed sound bite can make any video more cartoonish and fun.

You’ll also find a wide range of transitions. TikTok is famous for this style of humor. A goofy transition might be exactly what your video needs.

Subtitles Make Your Content More Accessible

Did you know a substantial percentage of TikTok users scroll with their volume muted? It’s true! Don’t miss out on this demographic! Creators can use our audio-to-text function to automatically add subtitles. Without subtitles, vast swathes of viewers will scroll past your videos.

Subtitles can make your content accessible to viewers with impaired hearing. They also appeal to folks watching your content while on the subway, or in places they can’t crank up the volume.

Use Text to Emphasize Important Product Features

While on the subject of subtitles, don’t forget to add text! Our text blurbs give your videos the perfect finishing touch. Use them to add a dash of humor, or to emphasize important product features.

Additionally, our video editor offers a vast array of fonts and font templates. These fonts make excellent video intros (something all top-tier vlogger content needs). Our fonts and font templates can reinforce information regarding the quality of your product. If your product is dishwasher safe, elaborate further with text. If your makeup is all natural, flash “all natural” across the screen in bold lettering!

Music Sets the Perfect Mood

You’ll find more than sound effects in our online video editor’s library. You can explore album after album of copyright-free music to find the perfect tune. Music goes a long way toward bumping up the viewing time on video content.

Not only can music give your video good vibes, it can fill the silence between your words and sentences. This makes your video feel full and complete while removing awkward silences. However, be sure to adjust the music’s volume carefully. If the volume is too loud, it’ll distract your viewers. If it’s too quiet, it’ll go unnoticed.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the music half as loud as your voice. After you finish editing, replay your video and pay close attention to it. If at any point, your words are difficult to hear, the music is too loud.

Exceptions to this rule exist. In product demonstration videos where no one is speaking, crank the music. When there’s no one talking, the music should be the auditory focus. This bestows momentum upon demonstration videos. A catchy pop tune gives even a simple advert energy.

Stickers Increase Audience Retention

Some say stickers have no place in professional advertisements. What boring advice! Our vast army of stickers can bolster viewer engagement. Anything that increases audience retention will help your account grow organically. Besides, plenty of viewers love cutesy stickers. If you don’t add them to your video, you’re using our online editor incorrectly.

Don’t be a stickler, use stickers!

Save Time and Upload Directly to TikTok after Editing

Using CapCut saves time. If you’re a video editor and creator, it’s essential that you produce a steady flow of content. Not only does our online editor make editing faster, it saves time by integrating and uploading videos directly to TikTok. This removes a step in your production pipeline, and it allows more time for producing content.

Additionally, our online editor has another exciting feature. Not only can you export your videos directly to TikTok, you can export them in 4K (Ultra HD).

Finally, use our cloud-based storage to save space on your hard drive. It also allows collaboration between teammates across the globe, or those currently practicing social distancing.

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