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Wedding programs provide a structured outline of the ceremony, helping guests know what to expect and when. It ensures everyone is informed about the order of events, such as the processional, vows, readings, and recessional.

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Create traditional wedding program

Crafting a traditional wedding program is effortless with CapCut's design tools. Embrace the platform's pre-designed templates, allowing you to arrange the ceremony's order of events with ease. Customize fonts, colors, and layouts to match your wedding theme and style. With CapCut's user-friendly interface, include essential details such as the processional, vows, readings, and recessional, creating a polished and elegant program. Let CapCut elevate your traditional wedding experience with a beautifully designed and professionally presented program for your special day.

Create traditional wedding program

Create destination wedding program

For an enchanting destination wedding program, turn to CapCut's creative prowess. Utilize CapCut's templates to incorporate travel-inspired designs and destination-specific elements. Customize fonts, colors, and images to reflect the exotic locale's charm. Share travel details, local activities, and pre-wedding events seamlessly. CapCut's intuitive platform ensures a stunning and informative program, guiding guests through the destination's allure and your unforgettable celebration. With CapCut, create a unique destination wedding program that captures the spirit of adventure and love.

Create destination wedding program

Create multicultural wedding program

With CapCut's versatile design features, crafting a multicultural wedding program is a delightful experience. Blend cultural elements seamlessly by customizing templates with symbols, colors, and fonts that represent both backgrounds. Incorporate translations and explanations of rituals to ensure inclusivity for all guests. CapCut's intuitive platform enables you to create a harmonious and culturally rich program, celebrating the diversity of your love. Unite traditions with style, as CapCut helps you design a beautiful and meaningful multicultural wedding program.

Create multicultural wedding program

Benefits of making wedding programs



Wedding programs can be customized to reflect the couple's personalities, styles, and the overall theme of the wedding. It adds a personal touch to the ceremony and makes it more memorable for both the couple and guests.



Wedding programs are an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge important people involved in the ceremony, such as the wedding party, officiant, and family members.



Many guests like to keep wedding programs as mementos of the special day. It can become a cherished keepsake that holds memories of the wedding and the couple's journey.

Learn how to make a wedding program in 3 steps


Start a new design

Once you're logged in, click on the "+Create new" button in the top right corner of the CapCut dashboard. A menu will appear with various design options. Scroll down or use the search bar to find "Wedding Program" templates.

Start a new design

Add details

Replace the default text in the template with the names of the couple and other relevant details, such as the wedding date, time, and venue. Customize the design elements.And edit the content, such as the processional, exchange of vows, readings, and recessional. If your wedding includes any special rituals, cultural elements, or instructions for guests, you can add them to the program as well.

Add details

Save and print

Once you're satisfied with your wedding program design, click the "Download" button in the top right corner of the CapCut dashboard. Choose the file format you prefer (e.g., PDF or JPEG) and save it to your device. You can then print the wedding programs using your home printer or take them to a professional printing service for a more polished finish.

Save and print

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wedding program?

A wedding program is a document or booklet that outlines the order of events and important details for a wedding ceremony. It serves as a guide for guests, providing information about the ceremony's timeline, participants, rituals, readings, and any special instructions. Wedding programs are usually distributed to guests before the ceremony begins and can be a keepsake for attendees to remember the special day.

How do I make my own wedding ceremony program?

To make your own wedding ceremony program, follow these steps:
Start by deciding on the format and size of your program (e.g., single-page, folded, or booklet).
Create a timeline of the ceremony, including the processional, vows, ring exchange, readings, and recessional.
Decide on the content you want to include, such as the names of the couple, wedding date, and venue.
Personalize the program with details about the wedding party, officiant, and any cultural or religious traditions you plan to incorporate.
Add special thank-you messages or dedications to loved ones.
Choose a design that matches your wedding theme and style.
Utilize a wedding program creator or graphic design tool like CapCut to design and customize your program.
Once you're satisfied with the design, print the programs and consider any finishing touches, such as ribbons or embellishments.

Which is a free wedding program creator?

CapCut is a popular free wedding program creator. It offers a wide range of templates and design tools, making it easy to create personalized wedding programs. CapCut's user-friendly interface allows you to customize fonts, colors, images, and layouts to match your wedding theme and style.

What should you include in a wedding program?

A wedding program typically includes the following information:
Names of the couple getting married
Wedding date and time
Wedding venue and location
Order of events for the ceremony, including the processional, vows, ring exchange, readings, and recessional
Names and roles of the wedding party
Special thank-you messages or dedications
Details about any cultural or religious traditions being observed
Instructions for guests (e.g., when to stand or sit)
Any additional information about the reception or post-ceremony activities.

Do I need to make a wedding program?

Whether you need a wedding program is entirely up to you and the type of wedding you are planning. Wedding programs are not a strict requirement, but they can be a thoughtful addition to your ceremony. They help guide guests through the events and rituals, introduce the wedding party, and provide a keepsake for attendees to cherish. If you want to enhance your guests' experience and provide them with valuable information about your wedding ceremony, a wedding program can be a beneficial addition.

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