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CapCut has finally come out with the best online video looper, and it is everything you wished for. The incredible tool holds a lot of promise as you can use it to create stunning GIFs and background graphics for free.

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Video Looper
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Key features of CapCut’s video looper

Create unlimited loop videos

Our free loop video maker will save you time and money! The speedy and advanced program enables you to create loop videos for various purposes, such as marketing, advertising, ambient backgrounds, video backgrounds, advertisements, and entertainment. The brief process consists of a few steps and is easy to execute. It’s time to leave unsatisfactory video loopers behind.

Create unlimited loop videos

Customize per your liking

We do not believe in limiting creators, which is why all our tools come with endless customization choices. When creating a seamless loop video with CapCut, you get to decide the number of loops, duration, playback speed, and quality. You can crop a lengthy video, remove the sound, and enhance it with filters. The possibilities are endless!

Customize per your liking

Multi-format compatible

CapCut strives to simplify your task as much as possible. When using our video loop editor, you do not have to go through the trouble of switching between video formats. Our algorithm supports all media formats, so you can upload your videos and start the process within minutes. Our editor is as convenient as it is advanced.

Multi-format compatible

Benefits of using CapCut to make video loops

Watermark free downloads.png

Watermark free downloads

Thanks to CapCut, you can make loop videos online with no watermarks. The platform doesn’t stamp your work with a logo or demand undue fees for removing one. You have an exclusive claim of your creative property.

AI editing tools.png

AI editing tools

Along with an online video looper, our editor houses tools and features that enable you to fully express your creative genius. You can enhance seamless loop videos by applying AI edits to create awe-inspiring masterpieces.

Web browser compatible.png

Web browser compatible

Unlike most online programs, our editor runs smoothly across all web browsers. You will never encounter poor interface, time lag, or limited features when making loop videos online via CapCut.

Tap into the power of video loop maker

Explore how a loop video editor serves you under different circumstances.

Engage the audience by video looper

Engage the audience

Our loop video maker can be useful when organizing corporate events. You can utilize it to prepare a collection of ambient, informative, or promotional videos to play on strategically placed screens around the room and behind the main stage.

Market and advertise by video looper online

Market and advertise

Looped videos tend to be brief and engaging, and with short-form content on the rise, they are a marvelous way of promoting your business. Employ our user-friendly and free online video looper to design interesting ads yourself!

Add dynamic backgrounds by free video loops

Add dynamic backgrounds

You can edit loop videos into the background of footage shot against green screens for a more immersive experience. Similarly, you can add looped backgrounds to text-based videos to keep people hooked till the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video loop maker?

A video loop maker edits videos so that the same clip plays repeatedly for a particular duration. Sign up with CapCut and try your hand at creating fun loop videos. It is free of cost and easy to navigate. Besides, you can have an online GIF editor at hand to make your video loops engaging and informative.

Can I loop videos online for free?

Say no more because CapCut’s brand-new feature lets you create free online loop videos in a few steps. It’s full of potential, as you can use it to design lucrative adverts or turn your friends into hilarious GIFs! Meanwhile, you can use our online editor as a GIF resizer to make your video loops tailored for your social platforms.

What is the best video looper without watermarks?

Without a doubt, our editor features the finest no-watermark online loop video maker. It is a complete package with customization tools, AI-based smart features, and a productivity-boosting interface. What more could you want?!

How can I create free video loops?

If you wish to make loop videos for free, all you have to do is register an account on CapCut. It barely takes any time and allows you to work with highly coveted video editing tools.

Is there a free loop video editor online?

Your search for an all-in-one online video loop editor ends here! The one by CapCut supports all video formats, is accessible via browsers, does not watermark your content, and is available for free. So quit waiting and try it now!

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