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In the realm of video editing, eye-tracking technology is a transformative tool that will take your content to the next level. Unleash the power of eyeball tracking tech to polish your talking head videos tailored for marketing and presentations.

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Awesome Eye-tracking Effect
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Features of eye tracking effects

Cutting-edge eye-tracking technology - inject vigor to footage

Eye tracking, also known as eyeball tracking or eyesight tracking, empowers creators to craft videos that captivate and engage the audience. Through precise gaze-driven effects, editors can effortlessly enhance their content by following the viewer's eye movements, ensuring the focus remains where it matters most. It's a tool that adds an element of magic and sophistication to video editing, elevating the storytelling experience.

Cutting-edge eye-tracking technology - inject vigor to footage

Beyond eye-tracking game – a toolbox for content creation

CapCut goes beyond conventional eye-tracking software, offering a media powerhouse equipped with cutting-edge eye-tracking technology. This innovative platform isn't limited to standard applications; it seamlessly integrates eye tracking in virtual reality environments, revolutionizing content creation. Combined with AI-powered tools, CapCut empowers video editors with advanced capabilities to enhance their projects, resulting in visually stunning and engaging content that sets new standards in the industry.

Beyond eye-tracking game – a powerful toolbox for content creation

Cloud storage and team collaboration - boost productivity than ever before

Content creators can now benefit from unlimited cloud storage with CapCut. This solution is perfect for safeguarding valuable content, including data from eye-tracking tests and projects. Whether you're using an eye-tracking device or conducting eye-tracking testing, CapCut ensures secure storage, accessibility, and scalability, making it an indispensable resource for content creators seeking efficient and reliable cloud-based solutions. Besides, you can collaborate with your team to create blockbusters.

Cloud storage and team collaboration - boost productivity than ever before

Benefits of using CapCut to edit videos


Free & online

CapCut offers a free online experience for exploring the world of eye tracking through webcam eye-tracking technology. Dive into the captivating universe of eye-tracking games from the comfort of your browser.


AI-powered editing tools

CapCut's editing tools are now AI-powered, including advanced eye-tracking and motion-tracking capabilities. Explore how these features enhance precision and creativity, redefining what eye tracking is in the realm of video editing.


Intuitive interface

CapCut boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the use of eye-tracking technology. Whether you're a novice or a pro in eye-tracking marketing, this user-friendly platform ensures seamless navigation and optimal results with its eye-tracker online functionality.

Unleash the power of eye-movement tracking

Discover how next-gen eye-tracking technology helps take your content to the next level.

Immersive gaming content

Immersive gaming content

CapCut's eye-tracking feature revolutionizes immersive gaming content creation. Gamers can utilize eye movement tracking online to accentuate crucial gameplay moments, enhancing engagement and delivering captivating experiences to their audience.

Educational tutorials

Educational tutorials

CapCut empowers educators with eye tracking, elevating educational tutorials to new heights. By precisely focusing on essential elements, instructors can ensure students grasp key concepts effectively, making learning more engaging and impactful.

Next level vlogging

Next level vlogging

CapCut's eye-tracking technology elevates the vlogging experience. Content creators can effortlessly emphasize key details, making their vlogs more engaging and informative. Viewers enjoy a richer and more immersive content consumption experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eye-tracking technology?

Eye tracking technology is a method of monitoring and recording the movements of a person's eyes. CapCut utilizes eye tracking to enhance video editing by allowing precise control and effects based on where a viewer's gaze is directed, creating more engaging content. Make the best of the motion tracking technology to create a cinematic experience.

How to achieve eye tracking in virtual reality?

Achieving eye tracking in virtual reality typically involves integrating specialized hardware and software. CapCut employs advanced algorithms and VR-compatible devices to enable eye tracking, enhancing user immersion and interaction within virtual environments. Looking for cutting-edge VR devices? Turn to PICO, which is committed to building an integrated VR platform that inspires the community and empowers developers, creators, and businesses.

Is there any eye-tracking software available in video editing?

Yes, there are eye-tracking software options available for video editing, with CapCut being one of them. Its eye-tracking feature allows editors to create dynamic effects and engage viewers by precisely tracking and responding to eye movements in videos.

How does webcam eye-tracking work?

Webcam eye tracking involves using a computer's webcam to monitor and record the movement of a user's eyes. CapCut's webcam eye-tracking feature utilizes AI and computer vision to track eye movements accurately, enabling dynamic and interactive video editing experiences.

What's the difference between eye tracking and gaze tracking?

Eye tracking monitors the movement of one's eyes, while gaze tracking specifically focuses on where a person is looking within their field of view. CapCut integrates both eye and gaze tracking, allowing precise control over visual elements in video editing based on the user's gaze direction.

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