How to Leverage the "TikTok Made Me Buy it" Trend

Today, we’ll discuss how to make a TikTok go viral by tapping into the “TikTok made me buy it” trend.

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Disclaimer: You Need the Right Product

Before we begin, please note that not every product is suited for this trend. “TikTok made me buy it” is fueled by inexpensive, wildly clever products. High-end, artisan crafts and expensive electronics, won’t do. The product must be cheap enough to trigger an impulse buy.

No one plans on buying a cloud-themed magnetic key holder. Viewers simply see it trending on TikTok, notice it only costs a few dollars, and impulse takes the wheel from there. Viewers are powerless to resist such a novelty.

Three tips for high-end goods

1. Pinpoint a Common Annoyance or Pet Peeve

For example, “Don’t you hate it when there’s nowhere to put your dipping sauce while driving? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone invented a sauce holder that clips into your A/C vents?” If you’ve invented a solution, you can sell it by talking about how annoying life is without your product. This is a core tenet of creating advertisements that trigger impulse buys. To do this, you must pinpoint a common annoyance or pet peeve. Here you should tap into your inner comedian. You can start by asking your followers: “Have you ever noticed…”

For instance, “Have you ever noticed how difficult wine stains are to clean?” Or “Have you ever noticed that—no matter how hard you scrub—the grout in your shower is always dirty?”

A clever TikToker then shows the solution, such as a wine stain remover, or a waterproof paint that reseals and hides a dirty grout. Even if your product isn’t cheap or wildly cool, you can still show how it solves everyday problems.

Remember, any product can be cool with the right video template. Look no further than CapCut Online Editor. Our editor is chock full of templates that can even offer a simple snippet of video the potential to go viral. No matter what you’re selling, a groovy template can help trigger impulse buys.

2. Show a Common Problem

The problem your product seeks to remedy must be universal—something we all deal with. Better yet, it should be a problem people have accepted as unsolvable, an issue they live with and have no hope of fixing. Things like washing dishes, a boring commute to work, or the annoyance of bending down to the faucet to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

After you identify the problem, show your followers a better alternative. Whether it’s a kitchen tool that removes strawberries’ leafy segments, or a cell phone the size of a mini candy bar, your product should make life easier. Most importantly, however, it should look cool.

To craft an effective video, you need to present the problem and the solution at a breakneck pace. Here’s where you’ll need some professional video editing. Thankfully, CapCut is here to help.

To make your video go viral, remove any excess footage. Trim the fat. These videos don’t require lengthy explanations. In fact, they need no explanation at all. Show the problem, show your product in action, then cut.

To increase audience retention, add stickers and text. With an online video editor, it’s easy. Simply click and drag whatever you’d like to add to your video. Text keeps the pace snappy and the energy high, while stickers should capture your viewer’s imagination.


3. Unboxing and Demonstrations

If your product is cool enough, tapping into this trend is simple. The more nifty, quirky, and innovative the product, the higher your chances of becoming one of the best selling products on amazon.

Unboxings are generally simple: reveal your product and show the viewers how it works. However, there are several nuances which can improve the quality of your video.

Use fancy product packaging. If you’re selling an expensive product, putting it in a nice box gives you the opportunity to market to the “TikTok made me buy it” crowd. These consumers love things like homemade soap in luxurious-looking boxes.This also allows you to create ASMR unboxing videos. Viewers in this niche love watching pretty boxes being ripped open. In short, if you’re shipping your product in a box that bores your target audience, you’re missing a vital advertising opportunity.

Be dramatic and have fun. You can make things exciting for your audience by popping the bubble wrap before showcasing your product (this ties right into an ASMR-themed video). Or you can shake the box like it’s Christmas to build up the excitement and hype. Do whatever it takes to excite your viewers.

Let the product do the talking. A vast majority of unboxing videos have no dialogue. This is because they’re often sped up, and this would distort anything you say to the camera. Instead of telling them how it feels to open your product, show the viewer. If some instructions are necessary, use a text-to-voice AI. Give it the script and it’ll narrate your video.

Add a trendy song

Finally, make your unboxing video sparkle with a trendy song. This makes the video even more fun! Adding a song is extremely important because otherwise you’ll find yourself with a dull advertisement.

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