Instagram Video Editor to Create Reels & Story

CapCut excels as a top Instagram video maker for crafting Stories and Reels with music and images. It enhances your workflow and enables seamless collaborative editing for your team.

Instagram Video Editor to Create Reels & Stories
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Features of best Instagram video editor - CapCut

Fonts for creative Instagram videos

Curious about creating Instagram post collages? CapCut offers an array of free fonts, from traditional to animated, suitable for any scenario. Whether you're highlighting a sale or showcasing cookware durability, you'll discover the perfect font in the library.


AI-powered abilities that stand out

In today's world, AI tools are essential. CapCut's AI can swiftly create Instagram video subtitles. Enhance accessibility by automatically translating these subtitles into various languages, broadening your content's global reach. Additional AI-powered capabilities encompass Background Remover, Color Correction, Voice Changer, SlowMo, Image-to-Image, Keyframes, Auto-Split, and more.


Ratios for Instagram Reels & Story

Instagram Reels resemble TikTok videos, essentially being "vertical shorts (9:16)" with engaging and concise content, covering topics from cooking to memes. For effective utilization, employ CapCut, the premier Instagram video maker. Begin by selecting the suitable aspect ratio designed for Instagram Reels, and easily crop your Instagram videos to any dimensions.


Benefits of posting videos on Instagram


Store online

This feature also enables you to edit Instagram videos with colleagues in real time, meaning, you and your teammates can edit a video at the same time without laggings at all.


Get engagement

Making a reel on Instagram with photos can let your content go viral quickly. Also, the quality video draws a crowd.


Wonderful UX

Here's what makes CapCut the best Instagram video editor online: the click-and-drag interface, which allows you to create multiple tracks with ease.

Make Instagram videos in 3 simple steps


Step 1: Sign up for free. Import or find a template

First, select a preset canvas for Instagram Reels whose aspect ratio is 9:16, 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, or else. Next, after selecting a canvas, upload your footage to CapCut. You can upload the files directly from your phone into the Cloud Drive.


Step 2: Customize the Instagram video project

Beautify your video with CapCut's wide variety of effects. In the asset library, you'll find a wide range of stickers, transitions, music, and more. Just add music to your Instagram videos. Then, edit the footage with the wanted functions built-in.


Step 3: Download, export or share

Often, a free Instagram video editor will pretend its features are free– however, CapCut ensures it truly offers its services for free. You're capable of manipulating the format, resolution, FPS, size, and more parameters as per your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best video editor for Instagram?

CapCut is the best video editor for both Instagram personal and commercial users. This tool is intended to help you create any type of Instagram video with any size or quality. To be detailed, you can make an Instagram Reels video at 4:3 or 9:16 and add royalty-free music to it from the left-side panel.
Moreover, the Instagram video creator has built a Video Cropper to resize clips for other purposes to reach your wanted effect. Also, you're able to make Instagram posts and Instagram Story content with dispatch.

What do Instagram influencers use to edit videos?

Most Instagrammers record and edit on their phone. This means they generally use a free online editor like CapCut. When choosing an online editor, make sure it has the necessary features like stickers, animated text, royalty-free music, and transitions.
CapCut places these tools in a user-friendly, click-and-drag interface. This makes creating high-quality videos accessible to anyone, regardless of their video editing background.

How to make a reel on Instagram with photos?

When it comes to making reels on Ins with music and pictures, you can open up the Instagram app, find the function plate, and then import your photos and select music for the current project. If you want to make the Instagram Reel video more attractive and eye-popping, it is awesome to try a professional Instagram video editor - CapCut, which offers a bunch of materials and a suite of functions.

What's the best video size for Instagram?

Here are the video sizes for Instagram videos: (a) 1080 x 1920p: Instagram Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, and Instagram Reels; (b) 1080 x 1920p for Ins ads: Instagram carousel videos (1080 x 1350p for regular feed). In other words, you need to make 4:3 or 9:16 for Instagram Reels (only videos) and Stories (videos or photos) or 1:1 for Instagram Post (Only pictures).

What is the maximum length for an Instagram video?

Here are the length requirements for Instagram video length: (a) 3s-60m: Instagram in-feed video length; (b) 15s-90s: Instagram Reels video length; (c) 1s-60s: Instagram Story video length; (d) 1s-4h: Instagram Live video length.

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