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Meet your TikTok ad needs in CapCut

Official TikTok ad video creator

To promote on TikTok like a pro, try the official TikTok ad editor-CapCut, which was designed to create formal TikTok video ads, and to link directly to your TikTok ads manager. With CapCut's ad maker, TikTok spark ads are a breeze. On top of that, the link allows you to upload content directly on TikTok. This in turn saves hard drive space and speeds up your production process, which is important if you want to upload content daily.

Official TikTok ad creator

Animated stock media

CapCut comes with all of the tools you need to excel at TikTok promotion. With a vast asset library, it's simple to generate top-shelf content using sound clips, animated text, filters, and smooth transitions. As you peruse the element library, you'll find music and sound effects for every occasion. Besides, don't forget to pick up stickers and take advantage of Auto-subtitle for making videos more accessible and open your business to a global audience. Also, these built-in TikTok ad assets are royalty-free.

Animated stock media

Creative cloud service

Not only will the Cloud Drive keep your files safe but it opens the door to team collaboration. Edit your videos simultaneously with colleagues from around the world. It enables you to film in New York, edit touches in Cleveland, then send the final video to your boss in San Diego. Best of all, it saves valuable space on your phone, enabling a steady stream of content (successful TikTokers usually upload multiple times per day).

Creative cloud service

Upsides of making TikTok ads


Boost more sales

Create videos with CapCut then use tools such as TikTok spark ads to boost sales. This should create plenty of exposure for your product or service and will excite customers.


Increase user engagement

Expand your TikTok user base with ads. Today, engagement is essential to a brand's longevity. By increasing user engagement, you can build a thriving and loyal base of fans.


Improve brand recognition

Create branded videos to increase brand awareness. Remember, differentiating your brand from competitors is key to your company's long-term survival.

Here's how CapCut makes a TikTok ad


Step 1. Register for free, and pick a canvas

Log into CapCut's TikTok ad generator. When it comes to the standard, TikTok requires videos to be formatted in the 9:16 aspect ratio. Just pick a TikTok-specific dimension, then import your materials to the roll.

Step 1. Register for free, and pick a canvas

Step 2. Do your customizations

Use the extensive elements libraries to customize your TikTok video to perfection. Believe CapCut, text and music enable you to make TikTok spark ads or other content types.

Do your customizations

Step 3. Share the TikTok ad or upload it to TikTok directly

Upload directly to TikTok. It links with your ad manager where you can launch advertising campaigns, making it easy to produce a constant flow of video uploadings.

Share the TikTok ad or upload it to TikTok directly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best TikTok ad video maker?

While there are countless online editors, only one is endorsed by ByteDance (TikTok's parent company). Choose CapCut, the official online editor for TikTok. Not only does it have one of the biggest online platforms' seals of approval, but it also comes with a massive asset library, professional tools, and the ability to edit 4K ultra HD footage.

How do I make a free TikTok ad video?

All you need is a phone and a free online editor. Most editors claim to be free, but after you've finished editing, they tend to hide your finished video behind a paywall. This isn't the case with CapCut. The official video editor of TikTok is completely free to use. With CapCut and your phone, you'll have everything you need to make a free TikTok ad.

How much does it cost to make a TikTok ad?

With CapCut, you can make a TikTok ad for free. However, you should consider using paid ads to boost sales, increase your viewership, and build your following. You can begin an ad campaign from your TikTok ads manager. If you take the time to build your following, you can promote TikTok videos free of charge. While paid advertising is useful, nothing beats organic growth and free publicity.

How do I make money with TikTok ads?

The easiest way to make money with TikTok ads is to use them to generate sales. An effective ad campaign will drive traffic to your website. The benefits of advertising on TikTok might not materialize instantly. It might take several months before you see an increase in sales. This is because it takes time to build your following and win customers. However, slow and steady wins the race. Work to win customers one by one by replying to their comments and inviting them to follow your account.

How do I create a TikTok ad account?

Here is a simple tutorial on creating your TikTok ad account:
Step 1. Create your first account in TikTok Ads Manager
Step 2. You need to install TikTok Pixel
Step 3. Now, create a new ad campaign
Step 4. Create an ad group, and then create an ad
Step 5. Commence your ad and analyze your ad’s statistics regularly
Step 6. Adjust the TikTok advertising strategy accordingly.

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