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CapCut's Slideshow Maker is free for everyone and can help you make a photo slideshow or wallpaper slideshow easily with a drag-n-drop panel. Now, learn how to make a slideshow with music and text on your iPhone, Android, or desktop.

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Features of CapCut's online slideshow maker

Slideshow templates for holidays, birthdays, weddings, funeral, etc.

A vast library of ready-to-use free slideshow templates is embedded within the best free slideshow creator to save time. Besides, CapCut provides excellent photo slideshow templates with different styles and sizes that suit your theme perfectly. It allows you to convert your slideshow to attractive and add fancy ideas to it with animated text and background music that has been created beforehand. As for the template types, you can find Christmas slideshow templates, cute slideshow templates, wedding slideshow templates, and many more. All are at your fingertips.

Photo slideshow templates

Select melodious background music and add it to your slideshow

Pleasant music entertains the audience to the core. As the best free slideshow maker with music, CapCut comes with 5,000+ types of royalty-free audio assets for you. When you insert music tracks along with your memorable clicks, the overall presentation reaches the viewers. A slideshow completes by merging with proper soundtracks in pace with the images. If you are including the photos on a theme basis, then choose the correct genre of music to accompany the flow of images. The photo slideshow maker with music also allows you to fine-tune the volume, speed, tune, and more variables of the soundtrack as well as make it synchronous.

Melodious background music

A slideshow video maker with animated and dynamic text

Want to make slideshow on TikTok? CapCut is the official TikTok video maker with texts. Make your slideshows meaningful by adding the perfect title and captions to them. You can add fun to your clippings by inserting nicknames on the photos. It excites the viewers and you can make the best moments by watching the reactions of the audience. The slideshow becomes colorful and engaging if you add animated captions to it. Even strangers get to know your message by adding the appropriate title to the show. CapCut's slideshow creator also offers an AI Auto-caption feature.

Animated captions and titles

Benefits of best free slideshow maker

Combine cherished photos

Combine cherished photos

You can join a sequence of images as a slideshow and entertain your friends and family members by playing it on special occasions. The audience recollects those special moments when they witness the show. You can create Christmas slideshows, wedding slideshows, birthday slideshows, and more.

Share with friends

Share with friends

After creating the slideshows with images and adding fantastic music, you can either play them at parties or share them personally on social media platforms like TikTok and Ins. Few of them post it on social media walls. CapCut's slideshow maker for free allows you to upload the music photo slideshow to TikTok or TikTok ad manager at once.

Stand out from social media

Stand out from social media

Social media is the best space to share slideshows. Your friends and family members can watch it at a time simultaneously. You can have fun on the virtual platform and connect with your buddies together. To get more viewers engaged, you can overlay text and filters to the slideshow by CapCut.

Learn how to make a slideshow with music


Step 1: Select your wanted photo slideshow template with the specific size

To begin with, you can pick up a ready-made slideshow template from the online template stock. Alternatively, you can start a new project and add images to the slideshow by tapping the "Add" button. Then, choose any number of images to upload.

Add images to prepare

Step 2: Create a photo slideshow with background music and animations

Now, hit "Audio" to include the desired background music in the slideshow. You can navigate to the local folders to choose your soundtrack as well. All the audio resources are royalty-free for commercial and personal use. Then, try adding text and transitions to make your content professional.

Add music to the track

Step 3: Export, download, or store your slideshow for free with no watermark

To export the created slideshow, tap the up-arrow button at the top and customize the uploading settings. Then, finally hit "Export". You're able to set the advanced parameters of the project, such as resolution, quality, file format, FPS, bitrate, etc.

Just export your editing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free slideshow maker?

CapCut video editor is one of the best free slideshow makers. It is a reliable tool with mind-blowing in-built features. The best free slideshow maker must provide ample options to customize the pictures professionally. The overall outcome of the presentation should be impressive and it must reach the audience with the expected results. The impressive edits satisfy the users and the CapCut fulfills the needs and offers a user-friendly interface too.

Does Windows 10 have a built-in slideshow maker?

Windows 10 provides a slideshow maker in the Photo app. You can edit and personalize the videos using this app. This editor customizes the images and gives the expected results. It is a default program available with Windows 10. It has a simple interface and limited editing options that meet the basic needs of the users. It is sufficient if you are creating a slideshow for personal use.

How do you make a photo montage on CapCut?

You can make a photo montage by creating a slideshow module in CapCut. Photo montage comprises collections of memorable images on a single slide. Customizing the pictures to fit into the expected frame is quite challenging, but CapCut meets the requirements to build a photo montage precisely. CapCut provides sufficient templates and frames to personalize it with desired images. You can create the photo montage quickly using the ready-to-use modules.

What is the easiest way to make a slideshow with pictures?

Use a reliable application like CapCut or use the Microsoft PowerPoint tool. There are many easiest ways to create a slideshow. Choosing the right one according to your needs seems to be a tough task. If you have the basic needs, then opt for the Microsoft PowerPoint tool and upgrade it using the online templates provided by Microsoft. For extra features, you can switch to CapCut and personalize the content with advanced editing options.

How do I make my CapCut slideshow faster?

Adjust the speed attribute while creating the slideshow with pictures. When you create a slideshow, work on the Speed attributes that are in-built with the CapCut program to alter the show time. Based on the assigned value, the slideshow plays uninterruptedly. Speed rate determines the presentation duration and customizing it gives you optimal outcomes. Choose CapCut to fasten the slideshow according to your requirements.

How to make a slideshow on tiktok?

As TikTok is also a video editor apart from being one of the most popular video swiping platforms, users can make a slideshow with songs on TikTok directly. To do it, you need to log in to create your account, then record the footage or select the pictures you want to combine in the slideshow. Later, add background music, sound effects, filters, effects, transitions, and text to the project on TikTok. Finally, post it with hashtags and descriptions that are trendy.

How to make TikTok slideshows?

As we said, you can create a slideshow on TikTok from recording or importing to exporting and downloading. However, if you want to make your slideshow more engaging and professional-looking, you may need a tool that is intended to make and edit slideshow. We highly recommend you give CapCut a try because it comes with a vast library of assets and powerful yet easy-to-learn slideshow editing tools, such as cropper, splitter, converter, resizer, compressor, effect render, and more. Best of all, CapCut is one of the best free slideshow creators without watermarks.

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