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A graduation invitation maker allows you to design customized invitations that reflect the graduate's personality, achievements, and style. This personalization adds a meaningful touch to the event.

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Create classic formal invitations

Design timeless and formal graduation invitations effortlessly using CapCut's versatile platform. Choose from CapCut's selection of elegant templates, featuring classic fonts and layouts that suit formal ceremonies. Customize every detail, from typography to colors, to match your event's aesthetic. Craft invitations that exude sophistication and resonate with recipients. CapCut's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless process, allowing you to create classic and refined formal invitations that set the tone for a memorable graduation celebration.

Create classic formal invitations

Create modern and minimalist invitations

Craft contemporary and minimalist graduation invitations seamlessly with CapCut's intuitive platform. Browse through CapCut's array of sleek templates, designed for a modern aesthetic. Customize fonts, colors, and layouts to create invitations that embody simplicity and elegance. With CapCut's user-friendly tools, you can effortlessly design modern and minimalist invitations that capture the essence of the occasion. Set the tone for a stylish and refined graduation celebration, all with the convenience of CapCut's design capabilities.

.Create modern and minimalist invitations

Create foil-stamped invitations

Elevate your graduation invitations with CapCut's creative prowess, crafting exquisite foil-stamped designs. Utilize CapCut's array of templates and tools to incorporate metallic foil accents that add a touch of luxury and elegance. Customize typography, colors, and foil effects to create invitations that shine and captivate recipients. With CapCut's user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly design foil-stamped invitations that make a lasting impression, infusing your graduation celebration with sophistication and glamour.

Create foil-stamped invitations

Benefits of making graduation invitations

Matching accessories

Matching accessories

You can design matching accessories like thank-you cards, envelopes, and even event signage using the same maker, ensuring a consistent visual theme throughout the celebration.

Emotional connection

Emotional connection

Hand-crafted invitations carry a sense of care and effort, evoking an emotional connection with the recipients and making them feel valued.



Custom-made invitations can become cherished memorabilia for the graduate and their family, serving as a keepsake from this important life milestone

Learn how to make a graduation invitation in 3 steps


Start a new design

Log in to your CapCut account or create one if you don't have it already. Click on "+Create new" and choose "Custom dimensions" from the list of options. Enter the dimensions for the Zoom virtual background (recommended size: 1920x1080 pixels).

Start a new design

Select a background image

Click on "Uploads" in the left-hand sidebar to upload your desired background image. You can also explore CapCut's vast library of free and premium images to find suitable options. Drag and drop the selected image onto the CapCuts to set it as the background.

Select a background image

Add text and download

Customize your virtual background further by adding text, icons, or other design elements. Select "Text" or "Elements" , then drag and drop the desired elements onto the CapCuts and edit accordingly. Once you're satisfied with the design, click on the "Download" button .

Add text and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a graduation invitation?

A graduation invitation is a formal announcement sent to family, friends, and acquaintances to invite them to a graduation ceremony or celebration. It includes essential details such as the graduate's name, event date, time, location, and any other relevant information.

How do you announce graduation without inviting?

To announce a graduation without sending invitations, you can use social media platforms, create a digital announcement, or share the news through email or messaging apps. This way, you can inform a wider audience without the formality of a traditional invitation.

What is the etiquette for graduation party invitations?

When it comes to etiquette for graduation party invitations, it's essential to provide clear and accurate information, including RSVP details, to help with planning. Send invitations to those you genuinely wish to attend, and consider whether to include gift information or not.

How do you make a graduation invitation?

To make a graduation invitation, use online platforms like CapCut to design personalized invitations. Choose a template, customize the details, add photos, and select design elements that reflect the graduate's style and the event's theme.

How far in advance do you send graduation party invitations?

Sending graduation party invitations should ideally be done 2 to 4 weeks in advance of the event. This timeframe gives guests sufficient notice to RSVP and make arrangements to attend. Sending invitations earlier is recommended if guests need to travel or if the event falls around a busy holiday period.

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