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Want to make a hilarious GIF meme with funny stickers and text? Then, you can try our tool - An all-in-one online GIF meme generator that provides you with the easiest user experience.

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Features of CapCut's free meme GIF maker

Unleash your creativity with stock

Choose from a vast library of GIFs, add witty captions, and customize with stickers. Share your unique creations and bring joy to your friends and followers. There are a bunch of pre-built stickers, memes, and GIFs in your left-hand toolbar, all of which are royalty-free for any business purpose. Also, you're able to take advantage of animated text templates to make your GIF meme more attractive and creative.

Unleash your creativity with stock

Craft GIF memes at specfic ratios

Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary laughs with CapCut seamless GIF meme generator. This online free GIF meme generator comes with a robust yet easy-to-learn cropper, which allows you resize the footage you imported at any aspect ratio, such as 9:16 (for TikTok, Instagram, Discord, etc.), 16:9 (for YouTube and Facebook), or 1:1 (the normal dimension of a GIF meme for any purpose.)

Craft GIF memes at specfic ratios

Express humor with animated text

Bring humor to life with animated GIF memes at your fingertips. With CapCut's powerful GIF meme editor, you can easily add text, effects, and overlays to create viral-worthy content. Join the laughter revolution and create shareable memes that resonate with everyone. More importantly, the text styles and templates are free and can be dropped at any track according to your specific requirements.

Express humor with animated text

Upsides of creating GIF memes


Add humor and entertainment

A GIF meme maker allows you to create funny and entertaining GIF memes that can bring laughter and amusement to your audience, making your content more engaging and shareable.


Increase social media engagement

GIF memes have become a popular form of content on social media platforms. You can create eye-catching and relatable memes that resonate with your target audience, resulting in increased likes, comments, and shares.


Express creativity and brand personality

GIF memes provide an opportunity to showcase your creativity and inject your brand's personality into your content. You can customize and create unique memes that reflect your brand's tone, values, and sense of humor.

Make a GIF meme in 3 simple steps


Step 1: Choose a GIF or upload your own images

Begin by selecting a GIF from CapCut's extensive library or uploading your own. Browse through the available options or search for specific keywords to find the perfect animated image for your meme creation.


Step 2: Add captions and customize the project

Once you've selected a GIF, it's time to add captions and customize your meme. Use CapCut intuitive editor to insert text, choose font styles, adjust sizes, and position captions strategically for maximum comedic impact.


Step 3: Apply effects and share with others

Take your meme to the next level by applying fun effects and filters. Enhance the humor with stickers, emojis, or drawings. When you're satisfied with your creation, simply click the share button to spread the laughter across social media or download the meme for offline sharing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own GIFs in the meme maker?

Yes, CapCut meme maker provides the flexibility to upload and use your own GIFs. Whether you have funny clips from your favorite movies or self-created animations, simply upload them to our platform and incorporate them into your memes. This feature allows you to personalize your content and make your memes truly unique.

Is the meme maker compatible with mobile devices?

Absolutely! CapCut's meme GIF maker is designed with mobile responsiveness in mind. You can access our platform through your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to create and edit memes on the go. Whether you're commuting, lounging at a coffee shop, or waiting in line, you can conveniently unleash your creativity and generate hilarious GIF memes right from your mobile device.

Are there pre-made templates available?

Yes, we offer a vast collection of pre-made templates to fuel your meme-making process. These templates come in various styles and themes, covering popular meme formats and trending topics. Simply browse through the template library, choose the one that resonates with your idea, and customize it with your captions and edits. These templates are a great starting point to kickstart your meme creation journey.

Can I customize the text and captions?

Absolutely! CapCut meme maker provides extensive customization options for text and captions. You can choose from a wide range of fonts, adjust the text size, change the color, and even add stylish effects to make your captions visually appealing. Additionally, you can freely position the text on the GIF to ensure it aligns perfectly with the humorous elements or punchline of your meme.

Can I share my created memes directly from the platform?

Yes, we've made sharing your hilarious creations a breeze. CapCut meme maker allows you to share your memes directly from the platform to various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Simply click on the share button, select your preferred social media platform, add any additional captions or hashtags if desired, and instantly publish your meme for the world to enjoy.

Is there a watermark on the memes created?

No, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your memes. CapCut is a one-stop GIF and meme generator without watermarks and branding logos. When you create memes using our platform, we do not add any watermarks to the final output. You have complete ownership of your creations and can share them without any visual distractions or attributions. This way, you can confidently showcase your witty humor and personal brand across various online platforms without any unwanted markings on your memes.

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