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Creating Diwali cards allows you to add a personal touch to your greetings. Handmade or customized cards showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness, making them more meaningful for the recipient.

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Meet your Diwali card needs in CapCut

Create traditional Diwali cards

In CapCut, you can embrace the spirit of Diwali by creating traditional Diwali cards that reflect the festival's cultural significance. With CapCut Diwali card creator's extensive library of design elements, you can choose from a variety of traditional Diwali-inspired graphics, such as intricate rangoli patterns, auspicious symbols, and vibrant diya lamps. Customize the colors, textures, and typography to craft unique and visually captivating traditional Diwali cards that pay homage to this joyous festival. Share your heartfelt wishes and spread the festive spirit with beautifully designed cards created effortlessly in CapCut.

Create traditional Diwali cards

Make handmade Diwali cards

With CapCut, you can bring your artistic vision to life and create exquisite handmade Diwali cards. Utilize CapCut's diverse collection of graphics, fonts, and design elements to design the components of your cards digitally. Print them out and then add your personal touch by incorporating handcrafted elements like hand-drawn illustrations, textured papers, or embellishments. This unique blend of digital and handmade elements will result in stunning and one-of-a-kind Diwali cards that showcase your creativity and heartfelt wishes for the festival of lights.

Make handmade Diwali cards

Create digital Diwali cards

This online Diwali card generator offers a seamless platform to create digital Diwali cards that can be shared instantly. With CapCut's array of templates, graphics, and fonts, you can design visually stunning digital cards that capture the essence of Diwali. Customize your cards with personalized messages, traditional Diwali motifs, and vibrant colors. Once completed, you can easily download your digital Diwali cards in various formats and share them through email, social media, or messaging platforms, spreading the joy and spirit of Diwali with your loved ones near and far.

Create digital Diwali cards

Benefits of Diwali cards

Connection and warmth

Connection and warmth

Diwali is a festival of lights and celebration. Sending Diwali cards helps you connect with loved ones, friends, or colleagues, spreading joy and warmth during this festive season.

Cultural significance

Cultural significance

Diwali holds great cultural and religious significance for many. Designing Diwali cards allows you to honor and celebrate this important festival by sharing traditional symbols and greetings.

Expressing gratitude

Expressing gratitude

Diwali is also a time for expressing gratitude and appreciation. Making personalized cards provides an opportunity to convey heartfelt messages, well wishes, and gratitude to those who have touched your life.

Learn how to make a Diwali card in 3 steps


Access CapCut

Open CapCut in your web browser and log in to your account. If you're new to CapCut, sign up for free.

Access CapCut

Select a Diwali card template

Browse through CapCut's extensive collection of Diwali card templates. Choose one that catches your eye and resonates with your festive vision.

Select a Diwali card template

Customize and download

Add your own Diwali greetings, quotes, or messages. Experiment with different fonts, backgrounds, and elements to make the card uniquely yours. Once you're satisfied with your design, save it and download the card as an image file.

Customize and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Diwali greeting card?

A Diwali greeting card is a specially designed card that is exchanged during the festival of Diwali, also known as the festival of lights. It serves as a means of conveying warm wishes, blessings, and messages of goodwill to friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. Diwali greeting cards often feature vibrant colors, traditional symbols like diyas (lamps), rangoli patterns, religious motifs, and heartfelt messages. They are a way to celebrate the spirit of Diwali and strengthen relationships by sharing joy, love, and blessings during this auspicious occasion.

What do you write in a Diwali card?

When writing in a Diwali card, consider these ideas to convey your warm wishes and blessings:

Traditional Greetings: Begin with traditional Diwali greetings like "Wishing you a joyful and prosperous Diwali" or "May the festival of lights bring happiness and prosperity to your life."
Personalized Messages: Add a personal touch by including the recipient's name or a personalized message such as "Sending you love and light this Diwali" or "May this Diwali illuminate your path to success and happiness."
Well Wishes: Extend well wishes for health, wealth, success, and happiness such as "May you be blessed with good health and prosperity throughout the year" or "May the divine blessings of Diwali bring you joy and fulfillment."
Gratitude and Appreciation: Express gratitude and appreciation to the recipient for their presence in your life. For example, "Thank you for being a source of light and positivity in my life. Wishing you a wonderful Diwali."
Religious Blessings: If appropriate, you can include religious blessings like "May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi bless you abundantly on this auspicious occasion of Diwali."

Why do Hindus send cards at Diwali?

Hindus send cards at Diwali as a way to express their love, respect, and warm wishes to family, friends, and loved ones during this auspicious festival. Diwali is a time of celebration, joy, and togetherness, and sending cards is a means of strengthening relationships and fostering connections. The cards serve as a symbol of goodwill, conveying blessings, and sharing the festive spirit with others. They offer an opportunity to express gratitude, appreciation, and love, while spreading the joy and positivity associated with Diwali.

How to make a card for Diwali?

Making a card for Diwali is a creative and heartfelt way to celebrate the festival. Here's a simple guide to help you make a Diwali card:
Gather Materials: Collect colored paper, cardstock, scissors, glue, markers, decorative elements like glitter or sequins, and any other materials you want to use.
Choose a Design: Decide on the design and layout of your card. You can opt for traditional Diwali symbols like diyas, rangoli patterns, or religious motifs, or unleash your creativity with unique ideas.
Card Base: Fold a piece of colored paper or cardstock in half to create the base of your card. This will serve as the CapCuts for your design.
Design and Decorate: Use your chosen materials to design and decorate the card. Cut out shapes, draw intricate patterns, or add embellishments to bring your design to life. Incorporate colors that evoke the festive spirit of Diwali.
Personalize and Write a Message: Inside the card, write a heartfelt message, well wishes, or blessings for the recipient. You can also include your name or any personalized details to make it more special.
Finishing Touches: Add final touches like glitter accents, ribbons, or additional decorative elements to enhance the overall appearance of your card.

How to make your own Diwali wishes?

To create your own Diwali wishes, begin by reflecting on the significance of the festival and the joy it brings. Express your warmest greetings and blessings, such as "May the divine light of Diwali fill your life with happiness, prosperity, and peace. Wishing you a joyful celebration surrounded by loved ones and may this festival illuminate your path to success and fulfillment. Happy Diwali!" Customize the message with personal touches or specific wishes to make it heartfelt and meaningful for the recipient.
What are good Diwali card ideas?
Here are some good Diwali card ideas to inspire you:
Diya Delight: Create a card with vibrant diya lamps adorning the front, symbolizing the festival of lights. You can use glitter, metallic markers, or cut-out shapes to make the diyas stand out.
Rangoli Revelry: Design a card featuring intricate rangoli patterns, incorporating colorful dots, geometric shapes, and floral motifs. Add embellishments like sequins or rhinestones to give it a festive touch.
Auspicious Symbols: Focus on auspicious symbols like Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi. Draw or print their images on the card, accompanied by a meaningful message or a traditional Diwali mantra.
Cultural Fusion: Merge traditional elements with modern design by combining classic Diwali symbols with contemporary patterns or typography. Experiment with different textures, colors, and fonts to create a visually striking card.
Festive Fireworks: Depict the dazzling fireworks associated with Diwali by using glitter, colorful markers, or even incorporating pop-up elements that mimic bursting fireworks.
Family Celebrations: Create a card showcasing a joyful family celebrating Diwali together, depicting the spirit of togetherness, love, and unity during this festive season.

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