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Comic strips are an engaging way to tell stories and convey messages through a combination of visuals and text. Comic strips entertain readers with humor, drama, and adventure, providing a welcome escape from daily routines.

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Meet your comic strip needs in CapCut

Create gag-a-day comics

With CapCut's creative tools, designing hilarious gag-a-day comics is a breeze. Access a wide range of templates and illustrations to craft quick, standalone jokes for each strip. Customize the comics with witty punchlines and humorous scenarios. CapCut's user-friendly interface allows you to add expressive characters and dynamic elements effortlessly. Share your comedic talent with gag-a-day comics on social media or your website, bringing laughter to your audience with CapCut's dynamic tools.

Create gag-a-day comics

Create storyline comics

Elevate your storytelling with captivating storyline comics designed on CapCut. Explore a variety of templates perfect for unfolding narratives across multiple strips. Customize each comic with compelling characters, detailed backgrounds, and engaging dialogue. CapCut's intuitive platform lets you arrange panels and text effortlessly, ensuring a seamless flow of the storyline. Share your gripping tales with readers on social media or websites, all made possible with CapCut's dynamic tools for creating impactful storyline comics.

Create storyline comics

Create slice-of-life comics

Infuse everyday moments with humor and heartwarming tales using slice-of-life comics crafted on CapCut. Discover an array of templates suited for relatable scenarios and interactions. Customize each comic with expressive characters, relatable dialogues, and charming illustrations. CapCut's user-friendly interface lets you effortlessly arrange panels and add text, creating a seamless portrayal of life's moments. Share your endearing slice-of-life comics on social media or websites, connecting with readers through CapCut's dynamic tools for storytelling at its finest.

Create slice-of-life comics

Benefits of making comic strips

Visual appeal

Visual appeal

The combination of illustrations and text in comic strips makes them visually appealing and captivating.



Designing comic strips allows you to express your creativity, whether through drawing, writing, or storytelling.



Comic strips can be a unique and effective way to communicate ideas, concepts, or information in a more accessible and entertaining format.

Learn how to make a comic strip in 3 steps


sign in or create an account on CapCut

If you don't have a CapCut account, visit it to sign up for free. If you're already a member, log in using your credentials.


Choose a comic strip template

After logging in, click on "+Create new" on the top right corner. In the search bar, type "comic strip" and press Enter. Browse through the available templates and select the one that best fits your style and story.

Choose a comic strip template

Customize and download your comic strip

CapCut will open the selected template for you to edit. Add your illustrations, characters, and text to create the narrative. Use the drag-and-drop feature to arrange the panels and modify the layout to suit your storyline, then review it to ensure everything is in place. Click on the "Download" button in the top right corner of the CapCut editor.

Customize and download your comic strip

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comic strip?

A comic strip is a short, illustrated story presented in a series of sequential panels. It typically includes a combination of drawings, characters, and dialogue to convey a narrative, often accompanied by humorous or dramatic elements.

What is comic strip in simple English?

A comic strip is a short story told using pictures and words. It has a series of square-shaped pictures placed one after the other, showing characters and what they say or do. Comic strips are often funny and entertaining.

Is a comic strip a book?

No, a comic strip is not a book. It is a short series of pictures and text presented in a newspaper, magazine, or online format. Comic strips are usually published in a horizontal sequence, with multiple strips appearing on the same page.

What is the best app to make a comic strip?

There are several good apps available for creating comic strips. Some popular choices include CapCut, Pixton, Comic Draw for iPad, Comic Life, and ToonDoo.

How to make comic strip online free?

To make a comic strip online for free, you can use platforms like CapCut and CapCut. These online tools offer free comic strip templates, customizable characters, and easy-to-use interfaces, allowing you to create your comic strip without the need for advanced graphic design skills. Simply sign up for an account, select a template, add illustrations and text, and you'll have your own comic strip ready to share!

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